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peace sign

Some argue that the “War on Terror” is actually a war on religion; specifically, Islam. They point out President George W. Bush’s crusade remarks, and support their argument by naming people, like Bill Maher, who are vocal about Islam’s supposed stronghold on the Middle East, suggesting that we should “change” followers of Islam by force – an ironic point of view, as extremists of all faiths, and not necessarily just the God-believing kind, attempt to do just that.

People who have such visibility in the eyes of the public, have a large following, and have automatic credibility for the simple fact that their name is known. In some cases, even when the person is not an expert, nor is the person an intellectual, they still manage to have sway over the public. It is for this very reason that when a celebrity does something unethical, but still within the legal framework, they are severely punished by public opinion and often times ruin their careers, if seen as serious enough in the eyes of the public.

This indicates that they would also play a significant role in the world peace process, assuming they were to show interest and act upon it. Angelina Jolie, for instance, has invested her heart and soul into numerous projects to help the human condition. However, the one opportunity she has not yet embraced, or at least as far as I know, is to initiate a campaign that will motivate every day people to participate in world peace efforts. Most people do not consider the fact that every person can contribute to such a large cause. Unfortunately, most people see contribution as a financial one.

There is so much every single person can do to make people more compassionate, to instill empathy in other humans, and to become caring citizens of the world. But what is the point if the media works against such people and celebrities avoid opportunities to do something about it?