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Yasemin - news lie

I’m not going to imply it. I’m saying it, with no hesitation. We just cannot take everything we see, hear and read as fact. Time and time again, the media has proven to us that we cannot trust everything that is reported. Firstly, they get stories wrong, reporters have proved to have biased predispositions, editors and news networks and newspapers also have biases and personal agendas, and they often care more about ratings and viewership than about accuracy and truth. This means, they will broadcast and print mostly anything they believe will gain attention. As a matter of fact, to cover their backsides, editors review articles to ensure the wording reflects that information is not being presented as “fact”so as to aviod a lawsuit for slander.

I am not claiming the need to be cautious in trusting news reports to be my own original idea. Perhaps most Americans understand that the media portrays news in a manner that could be argued to be propoganda. However, interestingly enough, it would seem that the opinions of the majority of those same people are dramatically influenced by what they read in the papers or what they watch on tv. Reporters have put on their boxing gloves and are giving the religion of Islam a serious beating. The problem is that bystanders are simply watching this innocent faith get that beating with no justification at all.

How can you punish a large group of people for the actions of a few? If you have heard this hundreds of times and are sick of hearing it, I am pretty sure that the followers of that faith are equally sick of saying it. If the shoe were on the other foot, all heck would break loose. Don’t just read that last line and pass over it without processing what I mean. What I am saying is, if it does not affect us directly, we just cannot get ourselves to invest in caring enough. This is what makes what the media does all that more objectionable, inappropriate and intolerable. We should stop holding entire groups of people of any particular faith responsible for evil acts. To start, we should start reading articles with the mindset that perhaps what is written is not the 100% truth.