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Many people want to know why Islam is constantly in the news, and never in a good way. Why are there so many Muslim extremists and terrorists? Some feel Islam promotes something evil. Others find it to be outdated and stuck in ancient times, needing a modern facelift. Understanding Islam boils down to one very important element that often gets overlooked: Education.

Firstly, people need a greater understanding of what Islam is and what it is not. It just is not realistic to expect Muslims to simply remove controversial elements from Islamic scripture. For Muslims, every word and sentence in their holy book are like essential organs in the body. They might argue that just because the function of that organ is not yet known, does not mean it deserves to be removed from the body.

Additionally, people should know that, like Christianity, there are differing views amongst Muslims that make it impossible to be “one voice,”as Westerners tend to expect Islam´s spokespersons to come forward as that one voice. I should make it clear that Muslims do not have a “pope” that speaks for them. They do not have just one Islamic leader, because there is democracy in Islam (democracy even tends to be debated amongst Muslims). In fact, it tends to be those who do not believe in democracy (or those who use democracy when it is convenient for them) that create a bit of conflict in their communities. They simply have difficulty valuing other opinions. There’s a reason for that.

Ever wonder where most of the Muslims live in the world? You know that phrase, the Middle East? It is a region of the world where dozens of countries are bunched into a bucket and happen to be pretty poor. Those countries are mainly in Asia. So why not just call it Asia? Well, all of those countries in that area share one major thing in common. They are mostly majority-Muslim nations.

Next, let’s consider the economic and educational features of that interesting area we call the “Middle East.” There seems to be a common theme in all of those countries. Its citizens are relatively poor and happen to have very low education levels. Those countries produce the most terrorists. What I am saying is, it is not as if these are Harvard graduates that go back to their countries to become extremists. When a person is in poverty, they lack education. When they lack education, they lack the ability to think critically and to analyze. They lack the ability to use even basic common sense at times. This is important to understanding why the Muslim world has such a huge dilemma on their hands right now.

Okay, so you may point to the fact that there are majority–Christian countries like Mexico and Ukraine that have millions of people living in poverty are not producing extremists and terrorists. Well they are, but media outlets refer to them as warlards and protestors instead.