Yasemin - top five

These are not in any order, but I felt it would be helpful to list the top 5 reasons you are wrong about Muslims. Yes. I know what the title of my blog post says. It is not a typo. It would be counter productive to help detractors attempt to further prove why Islam should be feared. Therefore, I am going to list the reasons as to why it should not. They are not in any particular order.

Before you read them, take a look at this. I found it quite interesting. It lists 10 Reasons We Shouldn’t Fear Islam.


  • Muslims are your neighbors …and you are still alive.
  • Where are all the Muslim voices? WHERE are all the MUSLIM voices? WHERE. ARE. ALL. THE. MUSLIM. VOICES? – First of all, calm down, take a breath. Here‘s one for now. You’re welcome.
  • You curse Muslims day and night fearing the worst for yourself and the world. Then you get a bagel from Dunkin Donuts. How do you know that Indian cashier, who happens to be Muslim, didn’t slip a killer laxative with your cream cheese when you weren’t looking?
  • Trust me. She should KEEP that veil over her face. She has done us all a huge favor.
  • They are likely more afraid of you than you are of them.